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The Little Piggie Came to the Market

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Chinese New Year, a meat market close by and a fairy-tale venue. A review of The Fable's new pop-up menu!

I've been taught that there is always an excuse to celebrate. Especially when it comes to food.

Chinese New Year is no exception, especially for The Fable.

This quirky bar & restaurant in Farringdon has designed a menu, inspired by the Year of the Pig, that will make you squeal of joy and we were lucky enough to try their new creations before they were officially launched to the public.

Pancetta and potatoes croquettes, pork cheek ravioli, Tomhawk steak (out of this world!), pork knuckles. Every dish was simply delicious and you could tell that the chefs have spent time and passion behind those plates.

Certainly not one for my vegan and veggie friends (even though The Fable has many choices for you too outside of this special menu!), but this nose to tail piggy menu literally leaves you wondering which dish to pick from the menu and will certainly not disappoint.

I might have to leave pork on the side for a while but I'll be surely be back at The Fable soon!

Marta x

Video by: Ben Ogunbiyi


'The little Piggy came to the Market' pop up will run until the 31st March so make sure you book your table (tell them Marta sent you 😉) and follow The Fable on Instagram for all their latest news.

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