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Long Haul Flights; A survival guide

You spent months dreaming of that dreamy exotic destination, you have booked the ticket but now you have a super long flight ahead of you. How to survive?

My view from the window seat from SF back to London

Long haul flights can be exciting if you don't mind flying like me, but can also be a daunting experience if you don't know what to expect.

Here are a few tips that could help:

Mind your seat!

With any flight longer than 2/3 hours, the seat you choose could make the difference between having a smooth journey or a stressful trip.

If you are a light sleeper, make sure you get a window seat as people asking you to stand up to stretch or go to the toilet will ruin your sleeping pattern. Also, bare in mind that families with children are usually seated in the first rows so asking for a seat at the back of the plane could also help. Stay away from caffeine and sugars who would bring your pressure up and prevent you from falling in Morpheus's arms.

It's just another day!

If it's your first long haul flight, it's hard not to get excited about all the food, technology and facilities you have at your disposal (my first time travelling to SF I watched movies for 10 hours straight- not ideal for your eyes!), however, keep in mind that the way you will face your flight is going to influence how your body will face jet-lag.

Try to plan your flight as if it was a normal day, and decide when bedtime is going to be.

Preparing myself for the night as I'd do at home (changing into comfier clothes, brushing my teeth, doing my facial routine), usually helps me in the process. Might seem silly but your body is used to the routine so it would make it easier to fall asleep. Sleeping masks and ear plugs are also essential if you are easily bother by noises and sounds.

If you don't want to be woke up for food 'cause you think you won't be able to fall back asleep, make sure you let the flight attendants know!


Being up in the air might be super exciting for you but is not as exciting for your body, especially your skin and your eyes.

If you want to avoid getting down from the plane feeling like someone drained the life out of you, make sure you take the appropriate precautions.

Drink plenty of water (all that free alcohol may be tempting but it would be a killer at those heights- limit yourself to a glass over , make sure you have face and hand cream with you and apply whenever you feel like you need it (I usually have hydrating face masks that I leave on for the length of the flight but I know that's a bit extra!) as well as eye drops! Even if you don't wear contact lenses, the air con tends to dry your eyes so it will help getting rid of the bloodshot effect that will make you look like you just came out of a torture session instead of a flight!

Comfort is everything!

When sitting on the same chair for more than two hours, I'm sure we would all agree that comfort is essential.

Make sure you think carefully about what to wear.

Let's keep it real, those looking cute after a long haul flights probably have a great team of makeup artist behind them and possibly changed in the bathroom before landing as I can't even imagine travelling with jeans and high heels on.

You will also need to stretch though out the flight to make your your legs/feet don't get swollen so stick to comfy lounge wear or gym clothes and the most comfortable pair of shoes you own.

If you suffer of bad blood circulation like I do (thanks mum for this genetic gift!), make sure you also wear compression socks as they will be a life savior!

Also, think about investing in a good pillow where to rest your head at night time unless you are planning to wake up feeling like a truck has ran you over (or feeling embarrassed for sleeping on your neighbor's shoulder)!

Here are some good options:

-Infinity Pillow (for those who can never find the right position)

-The Ultimate Travel Pillow (for those who like to rest their heads on someone)

-Memory Foam Pillow (for those who like traditional designs with the comfort of your home pillows)


Flying soon? I'd love to hear your suggestions for how to survive long flights and any comments on my suggestions! Leave a comment or get in touch on Instagram!

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