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La Mia Mamma

Wondering whether to satisfy your cravings for an authentic Italian cuisine? La Mia Mamma is the answer.

As an Italian expat, it's really easy to find yourself missing home and your loved ones, but most importantly missing those flavours that you'd think you could only find at home.

Then 'La Mia Mamma' came along and revolutionised the way Italian food is served in London by importing real Mammas (and Nonnas) to cook for guests coming from all over the city.

Nonetheless to say that the vibe is magical. Everything from the decor to the smile of those women behind the counter makes you feel like home and you wish you never had to leave. Get ready for those extra bits of food coming to your table ('Have you eaten enough?' would be a question that you'd probably be asked during your meal), the loudness of the mammas and the crew and the good vibes.

Every 2/3 months they change region and their special menu (there are some dishes which will always be on- like their famous 'cacio e pepe') and so far we have got to try Sicily and Emilia-Romagna. I've probably been back 4/5 times since they opened and not once was I disappointed by their food or their service.

With the 'Mamma's menu', you can get antipasti to share, a main, dessert and coffee for only £28 which makes it an absolute bargain. And the food is so delicious that you can tell how much passion was put it in it.

'La Mia Mamma' is truly a slice of Italy in the middle of Chelsea and I can't wait to be back for more when the next region comes along (and give one more hug to the Mammas!).

Cheers for now!

Marta x


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WARNING: serious cravings could follow.

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