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Dinner Ladies- A Night in Shanghai

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Two ladies. A passion for all things cooking and delivering amazing experiences to their guests. Meet Lily and Emily, the Dinner Ladies who are rocking the UK dining world.

I've grown up with the dream of visiting China one day. My dad has been travelling there regularly since I was born and I remember looking forward to the day he will be back from his travels to hear about all the different things he would have seen, tried, eaten and trying the treats he would bring around every time.

I remember closing my eyes at night and picturing the day I'd be able to stroll around those busy streets.

A few years forward, I haven't been to China (yet) but 'Shanghai Nights' by Dinner Ladies felt like I took a plane to the Land of the Dragon.

Entering 'The Little Blue Door' felt like leaving London for an evening to enter another dimension. The red lanterns, the traditional clothes, the odours you could smell. Everything made you feel like you had been transported to a small restaurant in central Shanghai.

Dinner Ladies started 3 years ago, and their food has a strong Chinese influence. Emily and Lily organise private parties, corporate events, shoots and put on monthly supper clubs with their mission being to deliver a creative experience that translates their love for travelling and all things cooking.

"Shanghai Nights is a tribute to our favourite dishes from a multitude of regions in China with our unique twist." says Lily " Emily & I met at university and went on to live in Shanghai together, which is when we became most inspired by Chinese cuisine. We travelled to many different areas and were excited by the boldness and diversity of the flavours in each new place, and we wanted to share that richness with our guests".

And rest assured, flavours were the main protagonists of this fantastic supper club with no dish being similar to the other. Lotus Crisps, Prawn Toasts, Noodles, delicious Xinjiang Kebabs and my absolute star for the night, a peanut butter Tangyuan with black sesame Ice-cream.

I might not have been to China yet, but I need to thank the Dinner Ladies for making me feel like I was there for one night.


Lily & Emily are hosting another pop up for Chinese New Year. Make sure you grab your tickets now here. And any update on their adventures, give them a follow on Instagram.

Have you ever had an experience that made you feel like you were in another country? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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