About Me

Hi there!

My name is Marta, an Italian girl who traded sunshine and mama's spaghetti for rainy (but not so rainy) London over 5 years ago. 

With a PR degree, I was lucky enough to find a job that allowed me to work remotely whilst travelling (any other lucky Social Media Marketeers like me out there?) and have been discovering this beautiful planets ever since, one country at the time. 

Over the years, I've become the one to go to for tips on cool places to go to, cute cafes where to grab a coffee or delicious restaurants to try out between my group of friends and family. After creating few ad-hoc guides for some of them I had an egomaniac thought:"Why not to share my stories and experiences with the rest of the world?".

So that's why I'm here (and why you are here, hopefully). Honestly sharing my tips and suggestions of the places I visited and stories of the people I've encountered along the way. 

Hope you will enjoy!

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